Veal calf farm Vandeperre

For over 30 years, Katrien Vandeperre’s veal calf farm has been located in Turnhout, Belgium. After the death of her father, she took over the farm together with her mother and the family.

With a new barn now in use for 1.5 years, the Vandeperre family continues the work as one big family. Day in and day out, 1852 veal calves are taken care of. These 1852 veal calves are divided over 2 stables. A new stable and an older stable. The veal calves are divided by age.

The Compact Loader from Pitbull is the ideal help for heavy jobs

I can work smoothly and easily with the Pitbull Compact Loader, so it’s definitely female-friendly!

Katrien runs the business together with her mother. Sometimes someone helps out so her mother can take on the role of grandmother. Apart from that, it is mainly the two ladies who work hard with their veal calves. A machine that can make the heavy work easier is a real must for the two employees.

‘The service, communication and machines are of high quality.’

Vandeperre is very pleased with the cooperation with Verberk / Vliebo, its regular Pitbull dealer. The Pitbull Compact Loader can be used for many different types of work. You can think of moving and distributing feed and transporting and moving heavy objects. With its low seat height and low roof, it can also be used optimally indoors.


Focused on the future!

Family farm Vandeperre is a company that focuses on the future. With a chemical air scrubber they reduce the level of ammonia in the new stable. In this they are the first and only in the whole of Belgium!

With a view to the future, farm work is also becoming more modern and automated. The use of, among others, the Compact Loader of Pitbull makes the daily work a bit lighter and much more efficient.