Autumn deals at Peeters Group

This autumn there will be some great autumn deals on offer for the Biga Topliners, Tulip Roterra and the Pitbull Compact Loader machines. We also have a terrific autumn deal on complete blade sets for your feed mixers. Take advantage of these great offers now or contact your account manager for tailor-made advice without any obligations.

Big Topliner package deal

Thanks to our optimal and advanced way of producing the Biga Topliner, we can offer it at a competitive price and deliver it quickly.

The feed mixers have two augers with a maximum capacity of 7600 KG each. This allows the feed mixers to mix a lot of feed so that your cattle gets a great mixture of food.

Take advantage of our package deal now!

If you buy one of the two feed mixers, you will receive a voucher worth no less than 1500 euros! This cheque can not only be spent on Peecon feed mixers, it can also be spent on any of our other Tulip or Pitbull machines.

Are you interested? Please contact us directly.

This promotional offer is valid from 20 October until 31 December 2020.


Tulip Roterra jubilee promotional offer

Lelyterra has been in business for more than 50 years! We have been manufacturing and selling power harrows under the Tulip brand for decades.

The Lely agricultural line was renamed as Tulip in 2001. This brandname will now be used around the world. Quality is assured thanks to our use of extra heavy-duty materials and thicker welds. If something does break, not to worry. All parts can be reordered. Even years later! Moreover, we have an extensive service network. We work with the best local dealers around the world.

To celebrate this milestone, just 50 special anniversary models will be built. They will come with attractive conditions, such as a trade-in discount of up to €1000 per metre.

Are you interested? Please contact us directly.

This promotional offer is valid as long as stocks last.

Pitbull Compact Loader -free switchover to the electric promotional offer

If you purchase one of the Pitbull Compact Loaders with a standard combustion engine, you will have the opportunity to switch over to a sustainable electric Pitbull within the next 12 months. This electric compact loader has a maximum depreciation value of only €250 per month and is just as powerful.

Pitbull Compact Loaders can be configured in the new configurator. This one is available in as many as 4 languages. The Pitbull Loaders have a lifting capacity of 1800 to 2700 kilos and various add-on components. This means that the compact loader can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

The new electric compact loader has a power output of at least 50 hp. As this electric motor has so much power, this Pitbull is just as powerful as a loader with an internal combustion engine.

Are you interested? Please contact us directly.

Replace the cutting blades in good time in order to maintain the optimum mixing and cutting capacity.

On average, blades should be replaced every 1 to 2 years. If you do not replace the blades of your feed mixer with new blades on time, the mixing and cutting capacity may be reduced and the machine will no longer work at its optimum level. In order to prevent this, we have a special deal on offer that includes a complete set of blades for your feed mixer.

Complete set of blades for a single-auger feed mixer:

  • 4 large blades
  • 17 small blades
  • Fastening nuts and bolts
  • 1 very powerful auger magnet

Complete set of blades for a double-auger feed mixer:

  • 8 large blades
  • 34 small blades
  • Fastening nuts and bolts
  • 1 very powerful auger magnet

This promotional offer is valid from now until 28 February 2021. The number of large and small blades may vary depending on the type of machine. Our blades and auger magnets can also be used for various other brands of feed mixers.

Are you interested? Please contact us directly.