Past, Present and Beyond
Innovation Never Rests

Here is an overview of significant events and our innovations over the years. Starting with the most recent developments up to the early years.


Peeters Group introduces an all-electric model; the 50e series, available in every weight class.

Introduction of the Biga Longlife series: Augers with Lifetime Warranty.

Introductie van de Pitbull CRT uitvoering.


The new factory on Patagonweg in Etten-Leur has been taken into use for the production of the Pitbull compact loaders and the Biga Topliner feed mixers.


Peeters Group is launching its new product line, the Pitbull compact loaders, at the Intermat trade fair in Paris.


Peecon brings the Butler XL feed pusher onto the market.


Introduction of the Peecon Powerbooster.


Introduction of the Peecon Biga Lowliner Future.

Introduction of the Peecon Biga Praide Future.

Development of the Peecon XYZ 24/7 fully automatic feed removal system.


The Peecon Gull Wing Tire system wins the silver medal at the Innovation Awards at the Agritechnica international fair in Hanover, Germany.

Largest feed mixer in the world, 64m3 with 4 augers.

Introduction of the Peecon Biga Future.


the development of the Tulip modular system.

Launch of the Peecon Biga Pacman Gen2Launch of the Peecon Biga Pacman Gen2, self-driving feed mixer with a unique loading system.


The presentation of the electrically powered Biga Volt and Biga Hybrid feed mixers and Multilift system.

Peecon / Tulip EASYtronic control and management system.

Biga Anniversaries on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Peeters Landbouwmachines.


Purchase of Benelux’s largest tubular laser cutting machine from Mazak to further automate the manufacturing process.


The establishment of Tulip Agri in Qingdao for the manufacture and marketing of feed mixers for the Chinese market under the leadership of (brother of Dannie) Roland Peeters. 


New factory for the manufacture of the Tulip agricultural product line is put into operation in Etten-Leur.


Launch Tulip Multidisc disc harrows.


Takeover of the Lely agricultural product line, this is to continue worldwide under the Tulip brand name.


New factory space in Etten-Leur is taken into use.

Manufacture of the first Cargo tipper trailer.


Purchase of the Koike laser cutting machine 6000 Watt, largest in Europe.

The first feed mixer is exported to the USA.


Production of the first Peecon Biga Loading Flap feed mixer.


Piet’s son, Dannie Peeters, takes over the company, with the full support of his wife Monique who has been working for the company since 1987.


Manufacture of the first fertilizer and first (patented) manure shredder.

Production of the first injector.


Tractor dealership De Bloken becomes Peeters Landbouwmachines.


Expansion of the Achtmaal factory space.


The production of the first slurry tank.

Manufacture of the first slurry tankHis son Dannie’s affinity with the manufacture of agricultural machinery was already apparent at an early age. He built his first 1: 3 scale model of the TT 13000 slurry tank at the age of 16.


Creation of the brand name Peecon (PEEters CONstruction).


Peeters produces its first agricultural machinery: the shaker.


the construction of the new workshop in Achtmaal starts.

In addition to trading in used agricultural machinery and tractors, tractor dealership De Bloken also acquires the Landini and Mengele dealership.


Together with his wife Irene, Piet Peeters founds Tractorhandel De Bloken and sets himself up in the first workshop.

First workshop.