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Compact Feeding is a form of TMR (Total Mixed Ration) feeding, which originated in Denmark. In addition to grass and corn, all the concentrates, loose ingredients and minerals are mixed in a single ration (in combination with water). In this way, a homogeneous ration is realised, in which every bite of the cow contains the same composition. The health of the cow is central to Compact Feeding.

Peeters Group has developed a special Compact Feed Mixer in cooperation with various independent feed consultants and dairy farmers. The inside of the mixing vat has been modified so that no spaces are left unused and there is good mixing everywhere.

The specially designed Compact Feeding augers are adjusted with precision to the mixing chamber and fit perfectly to the bottom and mixing bowl. These ensure a homogeneously mixed ration in a very short time. Because the mixing process is extremely fast, the user can decide for himself how short he wants to cut the ration. If a longer product is required, it can be discharged directly. This is a huge advantage over the competition. You decide how finely you cut the ration.

As a result, you control the efficiency of the TMR mixture, the labour hours and the fuel consumption.

We recommend all dairy farmers to place magnets on the arm (extra ejector) of the auger. This will remove as much sharpness from the feed as possible. We offer magnets for new and existing Peecon machines, but of course also for all other brands. Animal welfare is of paramount importance to us.

What are the advantages of Compact Feeding?

  • More peace and quiet at the feed fence, no selection possible
  • More lying hours per cow
  • 5-10% more milk per cow
  • Favourable purchase of loose raw materials
  • More stable rumen pH.

Compact Feeding has a mixing process in three phases:

  1. Loose raw materials/power feed with 50% water: soaking for +/- 12 hours beforehand
  2. Adding grass and minerals: 20 minutes mixing
  3. Adding corn: 15 minutes of mixing.

It is important that the mineral mix is added only after soaking, as it contains vitamins that are water-soluble. Adding water to the ration creates a sticky mixture of 36-37% dry matter.

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