At Lochem: Biga (Scoop) Future

Lochem Biga (Scoop) Future

A new Biga with the Future look

The first Peecon Biga mixer wagon in 1996 was equipped with its own loading system. With this loading device (Scoop), the driver can tilt a pre-cut silage block or a pressed pack into the mixing tank. See the difference between the two in the video below.

Mechanisatiebedrijf Lochem has been a loyal Peecon dealer since the 1990s. Now Lochem delivers a Peecon Biga Scoop Future to dairy farm Kruitbosch.

A new Biga with the Future appearance, heavy duty drive, LED lighting, rear view camera and even air brakes that allow safe driving. We thank the customer for their trust in us and wish him much job satisfaction and a good milk yield.

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