Peecon dumper – Cargo dumper

Metamorphosis of the 34 metric ton Peecon dumper!

The Peecon Dumpers have undergone a metamorphosis. The high-quality Peecon Dumpers have been manufactured by the Peeters Group for many years. In light of the many changes in European legislation, the machines have now undergone various modifications in order to comply with the strict road approval standards. Read more about the Cargo Soil Dumpers and about the directives of the European Regulation on Trailers and Towed Machinery in this post.



The Cargo Soil Dumper 34 TON

The Cargo Dumper is specially designed for the real heavy-duty work. Thanks to their various properties, the tipper trucks are very durable and deliver excellent levels of performance in demanding conditions. For example, the body and tailgate of the tipper trucks are made entirely of Hardox 450 with a thickness of 6 mm and the Cargo is fitted with an original Tridec chassis. 

Obviously, a tipper trucker is all about tipping capacity, volume, user-friendliness and reliability. The Cargo Soil Dumper scores excellently on these points:

  • The tipper truck has a load volume of 34 metric tons.
  • Oversized hydraulic cylinders with silent block suspension which guarantees the high level of tipping capacity
  • Optimal positioning of the cylinder’s tilting system ensures maximum utilisation of capacity
  • The large volume pump and large feed pipes connected to the solid chrome cylinder’s tipping system guarantee a high tipping speed.
  • Reductions in time due to twice as fast descent speed owing to double returns

Other specifications of the dump truck:

In addition to the excellent features mentioned above, the Cargo Dumper offers several advantages. Due to its unique design, for example, an accurate and reliable weighing system has been integrated to prevent overloading. This weighing system can now be ordered at an extra reduced rate, just €2,999. 

In addition, the Cargo dump trucks are equipped with:

  • BPW shafts fitted with moulded steel steering knuckles
  • Thanks to the towing steering axles, a single steering shaft is enough, resulting in minimal maintenance and a guaranteed level of safety
  • An additional advantage is that (de)coupling is easily done.
  • The highly reliable hydraulic steering is also available in an electric version.
  • The outer body is sandblasted, spray galvanized, and then several layers of lacquer are applied.

European Regulation 167/2013

As described above, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management ( I&W) has opted to implement the new European regulation into the Vehicles Regulation This means that the Peecon Cargo Soil Dumpers have to meet strict standards and approval regulations. Thanks to a metamorphosis, the Peeters Group has adapted the dump trucks so that they fully comply with the strict laws and regulations as well as with the requirements of the farmer.

What exactly does the legislation entail? Every new tractor, trailer and towed machinery must be approved for use on public roads. In order to take the burden off the customer, permission can now be requested directly from Peecon upon purchase of the Cargo Soil Dumper. This saves time, energy and administrative hassles. 

According to the European regulation, the maximum width without any markers is 2.55m. The Cargo dump trucks meet these and other road approval criteria, such as the braking system. Finally, the Cargo dump truck also offers the farmer another extra advantage. For example, the farmer avoids overloading and any ensuing high fines due to its accurate calibration system. 

Configurator – design your own dump truck 

The purchase of a robust dump truck should be a well-considered decision. In order to make the right choice and not regret missing out on any options afterwards, Peeters Group has added the modified Cargo Soil Dumpers to the online configurator. As a result, everyone can create a made-to-measure dump truck online that perfectly fits your preferences and requirements. The end result is a configuration that the customer can then discuss with their dealer or a Peeters Group product advisor.

Last but not least

The highest quality of soil dumpers are marketed at very competitive prices due to efficient manufacture and also thanks to the configurator and procurement policy. One more additional advantage is that the Peecon Cargos have a high resale value. In other words, an excellent investment!