Peeters Group launches new website

nieuwe website

Peeters Group released its new website online on 15-10-2020. From now on, our customers will be able to choose more quickly and easily from our wide range of agricultural machinery. In just a few clicks you can find the right machine, view technical specifications and, last but not least, even assemble it online directly with our online configurator.

The Peeters Group has more than 450 unique agricultural machines in its range. From Biga feed mixers, slurry injector tanks, Cargo dumpers to Pitbull Compact loaders. “In order to better facilitate the increasing online demand for our machines, we have decided to set up an entirely new website. Visitors can now easily find a machine and view technical information on the platform. Thanks to our online configurator, we even make it possible to assemble the machine completely on their own,” says Sjors van Deursen, Commercial Director at Peeters Group.

Speed and convenience

Over the past period, an enthusiastic team of specialists has worked hard to create a user-friendly site. But the design has been thoroughly overhauled too. What used to be on three different websites is now on our new website. All products from our Peecon, Tulip and Pitbull brands are presented here in a clear overview. Consequently, searching for products is much faster and easier. “We see that especially the new generation of farmers are starting to orientate themselves online when they start looking for a new agricultural machine. So, as far as we are concerned, it is not only imperative that people can find us, but that we can guarantee a level of speed as well. With this website, we are ready for the future and we are able to meet the growing demand from our customers for information far more quickly,” says Dannie Peeters, CEO at Peeters Group.


Every farmer needs a machine that can be delivered tailored to their preferences. This ensures that the business is run optimally. With the new configurator, it is possible to assemble machines in their entirety. Several Peecon feed mixers but also the Pitbull Compact Loaders can be made to your own specifications with our configurator. This provides the farmer with a made-to-measure machine that meets their requirements. A wide range of options can be chosen, from colour to tyres and from the number of augers to towing hooks. Users of our configurator can then instantly download a design of the assembled machine. It is even possible to simply request a quote for the machine that has been assembled by the customer. Over the coming months, the team of specialists will work on the platform so that each machine is configurable. The following machines can be configured in their current form:

The Future

Peeters Group’s vision is that every farmer around the world should be able to assemble their own optimal agricultural machinery very easily by using our configurator. In order to achieve this, the team of engineers is busy designing and preparing the latest machines for this configurator.