Peeters Group worldwide – farmers around the world have their say

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With farmers from Sweden, Estonia and China this time. Did you know that the innovative agricultural machinery from the Peeters Group is used by farmers all over the world? And did you know that the Peeters Group is even the market leader in the USA with its triple-auger Mammoet feed mixer truck? In this post, 3 farmers from Sweden, Estonia and China talk about their Peeters agricultural machines.

Pontus Persson (Månslundagården) in Brösarp –  Sweden

Who: Farmer Pontus Persson
Location: Sweden
Type of Farmer: Cattle farmer
Size: 500+ cows
Type of agricultural machine: Mammoet 40 m3
Purchased in: 2015.
Machine review rating: 5/5 stars

The Persson farm (Månslundagården) in Brösarp in Sweden is a real family business. They have kept a large number of cows in a stunning area in the south-east of Sweden for decades. The farm is located in a vast area near the famous hills of Brösarp and close to Hanöbukten Bay.

Since 2015, the family has been working with a Mammoet 40m3 from the Peeters Group. In total, they have more than 500 cows to look after. Because of the number of cows and the way they feed them (2-3 times a day), they opted in 2015 for this massive Mammoet which has a capacity of 40m3. Farmer Persson: ”I am still happy every single day with the purchase of this Mammoet.” The machine lives up to its name. The Mammoet 40m3 has exceeded all our expectations and I would definitely recommend it to other farmers.

Everyone on the farm is really pleased with the machine.” When asked how they rate the quality of the feed mixtures, the family answers unanimously: ”We’ve got excellent and well-mixed feed.” “The machine delivers a decent portion so that our cows are fed all the nutrients from the feed and we no longer have to sort this out,” according to the family.

In order to prolong the quality and lifespan of the augers, the family has placed stainless steel anti-wear rims on the augers. This means that the augers will last even longer. These are some little tricks that we are very pleased with, Perssin insists. Lastly, Persson would like to add that the Mammoet is packed with innovations and that’s something that delights any farmer. After all, they all make the job easier!

Tõnu Luur – Estonia

Who: Tõnu Luur
Location: Estland
Type of Farmer: Cattle farmer
Size: 150 cows and 150 heifers
Type of agricultural machine: 20m3 Twin Future
Purchased in: 2018
Machine review rating: 5/5 stars

Peeters Group’s agricultural machinery is also used in the north-east of Europe. In the tiny country of Estonia, with just over 1 million inhabitants, the Peeters agricultural machines are a household name. In the countryside of Estonia lies the Arude Farm where farmer Tõnu Luur keeps about 300+ animals. For many years, Boer Tõnu has been using a loyal Biga Twin Future feed mixer from the Peeters Group to feed his 150 cows and 150 heifers.

Tõnu mixes the feed for the cows twice a day and once a day for the heifers. Farmer Tõnu has chosen the Twin Future because of its powerful mixers and homogenous feed. Farmer Tõnu: ”I’m still really pleased about my investment in the Twin Future.” An easy-to-use machine that also delivers high-quality portions will make every farmer happy, so says farmer Tõnu.

Mr Liu – China

Who: Chinese importer: Salesmanager Mr Liu
Location: China, Dengkou County, inner Mongolia
Type of Farmer: Importer who supplies a variety of farmers
Size: up to 3000 cows
Type of agricultural machine: triple-auger feed mixers
Purchased in: 2020
Machine review rating: 5/5 stars

China is the country of vast numbers, enormous scale and enormous economic and general growth rates. This gigantic country has as many as 300 million farmers. This is 23% of the total population.

In China, the Peeters Group has a large number of enormous feed mixers riding around. In order to serve China’s huge market, the Peeters Group has a permanent importer who imports the feed mixers. In order to offer farmers a proper level of service and expertise, the Peeters Group works closely with the importer.

The importer has supplied a range of feed mixers to Chinese farmers in China. China has numerous large farms where keeping 3000+ cows and feeding them 5 times a day is no exception. In order to provide these cows with high-quality and homogeneous feed, robust and reliable feed mixers with a huge capacity are indispensable. That is why the Peeters Group has built a range of feed mixers for the importer that are up to 60m3 in size with 4 ultra-strong augers.