Successful launch of the new Biga Topliner Mammoet


We proudly present to you Peecon’s latest feed mixer: The : Biga Topliner Mammoet! Peeters Group has now expanded its successful line of Topliner feed mixers with an XXL variant featuring 3 augers and a capacity of no less than 33m3. Read more about this new feed mixer below.

Commercial launch January 2020

In January 2020, the latest Peecon Topliner Feed Mixer, called the Biga Topliner Mammoet, was introduced on the market. This new and modern feed mixer is designed to mix greater amounts of feed even more efficiently and reduce the time required for mixing and feeding. The Topliner Mammoet has a capacity of at least 27m3, but can be extended to as much as 33m3 through the use of a rubber and/or steel extension. This capacity makes it possible to efficiently mix 12,000 kg of feed. Thanks to the 3  unique double-action augers, feed is mixed to a homogeneous consistency.

The first deliveries

The latest Biga  Topliner Mammoet is ready for sale! In fact, the first machines are already on their way to dealers in Denmark and the Netherlands. Once they get there, the Mammoet feed mixers will be transported directly to farmers. You can follow the transport and first use by a farmer  on Peecon’s Facebook page.

Online configurator

Are you already familiar with our configurator product? Using the online configurator, you can quickly and easily put together your made-to-measure machinery yourself. You can decide which accessories and specifications you find important and then add them to your machinery via the configurator. The new Biga Topliner Mammoet is also available in the configurator now. Try it out yourself now! Click here to put together your Biga Topliner Mammoet by yourself.