With the Pitbull compact loaders Trelleborg will be it!

Peecon is best known for its tippers, slurry tanks and feed mixers. Three years ago, the Dutch manufacturer also started its own range of compact loaders under the brand name Pitbull. Most of these machines are fitted with Trelleborg T463 tyres. We went to take a look in mid-July.

Peecon is an established name in the agricultural world where high-quality machines are concerned. In 2017, plans were drawn up to increase the manufacturing capacity of Peecon feed mixers. We also looked at an additional product to be included in the range in order to be able to offer an even wider assortment (and also as a way to spread risks). Our attention was drawn to a compact loader that can be used in both the agricultural and industrial sectors. The synergy in the materials used (sheet metal, hydraulic components, motors, etc.) with the other products in this range was also an important factor in this. However, by conducting extensive research into the loaders on offer from competitors, it turned out that none of the machines met the company’s requirements in terms of safety, strength and compactness, according to Peeters Landbouwmachines. Consequently, a team of engineers started developing a new genedosage of compact loaders.

A wide range of loaders

The range currently includes four different models, ranging from the X24 series to the X27 series and the X28 series. The lift capacity is 1,800 kg or 2,300 kg, for a maximum lift height of 3.27 m. In order to improve stability, these machines are equipped with a fixed front axle and a sprung rear axle, which also significantly increases driving comfort. The range will soon be extended to include models with a telescopic arm, as well as electrical versions and a mini model for use in e.g. vineyards.

Reliable components

The Pitbull Compact Loader is manufactured in its entirety in the Netherlands. Peeters Landbouwmachines uses high-quality components for this, and has chosen to work together with leading brands. The engines are purchased from Kubota, the axles come from Dana Spicer and the hydraulics from Linde. Trelleborg is chosen for the most part where tyres are concerned. Trelleborg is a brand that has been known to Peeters for many years for their tyres used on the Peecon slurry tankers and Cargo tipper trailers. Because of the level of trust that already exists among users, it was an easy decision for Peeters to standardly equip the Pitbull compact loaders with 400/50-15 T463 Trelleborg tyres. There are 500 Pitbull machines planned for production in 2020. The aim is to increase this by 500 units each year.

The T463

The T463 tyres for lightweight use have been designed for agricultural, industrial, peat, snow and high-speed applications. They are suitable for rims up to a diameter of 16″. Trelleborg has a very wide range of tyres in this segment, one of the largest in the world. Along with their extensive range of rims, Trelleborg can supply complete wheels and solutions with the highest of quality and perfect designs. The T463 is available in 7 different sizes, from 23×8.50-12 to 400/50-15. Peecon opted to use the last one for the Pitbull.