Tulip Centerliner Fertilizer spreaders in stock and fast delivery!

Centerliners in stock!

Our Tulip Centerliners are available from stock. Be quick as long as stock lasts!

The Centerliner fertilizer spreader is the ideal machine for the farmer who chooses ease of use with a high quality of spreading.

The uniqueness of the Centerliner is that the two discs, each with four blades, throw over the full spreading width. As a result, a fourfold spreading pattern is obtained, guaranteeing perfect fertiliser coverage. Because of the different capacity sizes and spreading widths there is always a suitable Centerliner.

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Why choose a Tulip Centerliner Fertilizer Spreader?

  • Two from outside to inside rotating spreader discs for a fourfold composite spreading pattern.
  • Adjustment of the spreading width by means of changeable gears.
  • Rotating bottom disc: the fertiliser is forced through dosage openings and is not crushed. The valve opening is therefore not blocked.
  • Because of the small container width the spreader fits easily under most silos.

Tulip is part of Peeters Group and is the brand name for, among others, power harrows, disc harrows, seeders and fertiliser spreaders.