50 years Tulip Roterra

Tulip roterra 50 jaar

50 years Tulip Roterra

It has been more than 50 years since the Lelyterra saw the light of day. For decades, Peeters Group has been producing the rotary harrows under the name Tulip.
To celebrate this, 50 anniversary models are being built with attractive conditions, such as a trade-in discount of €1,000. Ask our sales team for more information.

Tulip Roterra 302-35

One of Tulip’s top models is the Roterra 302-35. With its patented dripping teeth, the Roterra provides perfect crumbling.

All our tines are hardened in 5 zones for extra toughness. This makes the Tulip dripper tines resistant to wear and has a very long life. Because of the double bearing of the rotor in the trough the machine is extra stable. At the front of the machine there is a standard stone protection. This prevents stones from getting stuck between the rotors. The springy suspension ensures that the Roterra has the space to follow the ground. There is a specific gear combination for every application. These are easy and quick to change at the drive box.

With a wide choice of rollers, we can meet any requirement. In recent years, we have seen more and more long periods of drought. Because of this, the importance of soil structure is greater than ever. Good compaction for capillary rise and soil moisture retention has become a must.

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