Peeters Group introduces the first (online) configurator

Peeters Group is introducing another new innovation at Agritechnica in Hannover next week. This is where the first online configurator will be unveiled. Farmers can use this innovative tool to design their own machines, resulting in a customised machine that 100% meets their wishes.

The configurator

Several years ago, the Peeters Group came up with the idea to develop a tool so that farmers could design their own agricultural machines. The thinking behind this idea was that every farmer needs a customised agricultural machine to optimise their operations. The right agricultural machine does after all depend on the number of animals, surface area, height and width of the barns and stables, to be used at day or night, and so on.

The Peeters Group configurator is unique in its user-friendliness, overview and speed at which farmers can put their own machines together. ‘We’ve invested lots of time and energy into developing the configurator to realise these benefits,’ says Dannie Peeters (Peeters Group owner).

Introduction at Agritechnica Hannover

Dealers and end users will be able to get to know the configurator for our (agricultural) machines for the first time at Agritechnica in Hannover on 10-16 November 2019. After Agritechnica, Peeters Group will be adding a large number of new agricultural machines to the configurator in a short space of time. Including our latest innovation: the first Topliner feed mixer with 3 augers! Peeters Group already has a full line of feed mixers with 1-4 augers, but now also within the Topliner range. Curious about the benefits of the latest Topliner and the configurator? Then visit the Peeters Group at stand D23 in Hall 25.

Collaboration with dealers

Peeters Group wants to collaborate with dealers to serve farmers even better with the configurator. The configurator gives dealers a tool they can use to provide customers with optimal service. Our dealers can design machines together with farmers and then order them directly from Peeters Group. ‘It’s quick and easy with a very low risk of any mistakes,’ says Dannie Peeters.

Faster delivery

The configurator also has a positive effect on the internal processes at Peeters. Because we now know the specific wishes of the farmer, we can reduce the risk of any mistakes. ‘This means we can produce the customer’s ideal agricultural machine faster and even better,’ says Sjors van Deursen (Peeters Commercial Director). This will benefit delivery times. At launch, the following machines are currently configurable:

The Future

The Peeters Group vision is that every farmer needs to be able to design their optimal agricultural machine with our configurator anywhere in the world. In order to achieve this, our team of engineers has been very busy developing and preparing the latest machines for this configurator.