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A suitable mixer for every ration

The largest variety of vertical feed mixers

The Biga vertical Feed Mixer has been a worldwide success for 25 years. Our feed mixers have been offering quality and reliability for years, ensuring operational reliability. Mixers from 3m³ up to 80m³ on the largest dairy farms in the world ensure a perfectly mixed ration every day.


Choose your customized solution easily with our latest brochure

A team of engineers, sales and marketing employees put their heads together to produce our brand new brochure. We will give you a brief first impression about which mixer from our extensive range is best suited to your work. Perhaps our Biga Future models, which have made countless cows happy with good feed for 25 years. Or our Biga Topliner, very appealing in price and delivery time! Fill in the form below and receive our free brochure in your mailbox.


The best ration for your animals every day. That is what we stand for!

We continue to grow and innovate. Our feed mixers are equipped with the latest developments and techniques to ensure a perfectly homogenous mixed ration. We develop and produce all our machines at our facilities in the Netherlands.

We have the best solution for all rations and products to be mixed. This is due to a variety of possibilities in machines and drives. Our loyal dealer network can work with you to find the best solution.



It doesn’t stop at feed mixers

We stand for innovation. In addition to feed mixers, Peeters Group offers a complete range of agricultural vehicles with the three brands Peecon, Pitbull and Tulip; from fertiliser tanks to tipping trailers and hook systems, from fertiliser spreaders to mini shovels. On this website you will find brochures and productsheets with all the technical information. Our team will be pleased to tell you more about the possibilities and solutions that Peeters Group can offer you. Would you like to arrange a meeting to discuss a Peecon, Pitbull or Tulip machine? Send us an e-mail and we will be happy to tell you more about us!

We are happy to be of service!

The Peeters Group team is ready to help with all your questions about our products and services. Call or e-mail us using the contact details below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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