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Pitbull dealer West Brabant – the C.J. Klep BV Trading Company has been a loyal customer of the Peeters Group for many years. Since its foundation in 1973, the company has stood for know-how, service and a good relationship with its customers. For many years, the company has only recommended high-quality products to its customers. It is for this very reason that they stepped into the dealership for the Pitbull machines. Read more about the successful launch of the Pitbull Compact Loaders in this article.

The Pitbull Compact Loader proved to be a huge success within no time

The Pitbull is a versatile machine and can be used across many sectors, which is why we chose to join the dealership. We are active in all sectors of the agricultural sector. Apart from that, companies in the construction and earthworks sector are also among the clientele. The Pitbull is unique in its kind, it still has scope for development and we look forward with confidence to the future applications of the Pitbull that will come on the market: such as larger, smaller and electrical versions. Customers who already use the Pitbull find it to be a powerful, stable and solid machine. In short, a shovel for the future.


About the Klep trading company

The Klep trading company has officially been operating as a BV (private limited company) since 1973. However, it started trading as early as 1958 under Kees Klep sr., who started selling vegetable seeds back then. Gradually he expanded his business and also brought tools, crop protection and spraying equipment on board. A few years later he decided to start his own business and get fully involved in the trade side of things. Today, the range on offer from Klep is very extensive and diverse, divided into the following sectors: Agro, Safety, Engineering and Industrial clothing. Every day, customers and private individuals are provided with their own delivery service. For the current managers Wil en Corné Klep, providing added value in the form of know-how, quality, service and a strong relationship is the only way to position themselves in the market. Just like Kees sr. did in his own way in his day. Corné:

“Grandpa regularly joined customers at the kitchen table to have a friendly chat. He often brought news and people liked to listen to his stories. Now we sit in the office instead of at the kitchen table, but a good relationship with our customers is still key.”