Farmer Spierings

The goal of the organisation Spierings is to get as many people as possible to come together, and to become acquainted with farm life. The children of the nursery and also their parents see how things are going, but customers from far away who come for the fresh cheese and fresh meat also like to take a look.

User experience of Farmer Spierings

Started in 1975 with dairy cows, later an ornamental fish farm was added. The latter stopped recently. Since 2006 Farmer Spierings also keeps beef cattle with the slaughterhouse under its own management. The cows graze on natural land owned by Stichting Natuurmonumenten. After building a new modern barn for the dairy cows, Spierings started to process the milk into cheese and drinking milk. These products, as well as the meat of the Brand Red cows, are sold in their own farm shop under the brand name Farmer Spierings.
Since 2020, Spierings also runs a nursery with more than 50 children.

At this moment they have about 86 dairy cows and young cattle and 150 beef cattle Brandred cattle. Spierings employs a total of 28 people, plus a large part of the family who also works in the company. The machinery currently consists of 2 large tractors, a number of implements, 1 large loader and 1 Pitbull.

Due to a trade fair visit in Hanover and a factory visit to Peeters Group in Etten-Leur, the Spierings family was positively surprised by Pitbull. The loader that Spierings first used was a lighter model. Ouweheer Spierings found it necessary to purchase a heavier model with more lifting capacity. Because the Pitbull offers the possibility to work with all kinds of attachments, the choice became easy! Because of the solid construction and because the Pitbull is really lout proof (especially because of the boom in combination with the stainless steel bonnets), the ease of maintenance and the pleasant low step in, the Spierings family was convinced.

Because safety is of great importance to Spierings, they like the fact that it is fitted as standard with a four-point roof, the extension safety device and the pendulum axle with rigid articulation point. Because a lot of work is done with, among other things, large packs of straw, a safe roof is no superfluous luxury. The Pitbull from Spierings is equipped with a 100% switchable lock function, which is often used for silage sliding work. Because of this choice, the Pitbull is also equipped with an internal brake. Because of the hydrostatic brake in combination with the internal handbrake this is also a pleasant feeling and it works excellent. The possibility of ‘hand-inching’ makes sweeping a large area of car park and yard a really easy job, this really works very well.

“The employer is and feels responsible for the staff and that really makes the Pitbull a fine machine”, says Mr. Spierings.

The Pitbull is used for all kinds of work and is a real all-rounder. Feeding in the various stables, fattening out stables, loading mixers, but also loading and unloading pallets for the farm shop. Even raising the garden, driving it into the ground and levelling it was very pleasant. Barely half a year after purchase there are already more than 700 hours on the counter. There are areas for improvement in everything. According to Spierings, a heated chair and steering wheel would not be a superfluous luxury. A closed cabin offers the solution for this. The Pitbull was delivered by the regional dealer, the contact and the service offered is very pleasant. In conclusion, Spierings indicated that there is even a list to schedule when the employees can and may use the Pitbull.

“The Pitbull is really a replacement for the wheelbarrow, but also for your back. Health is important and you have a back only once. A Pitbull takes over that function and so we are very happy with this machine”.