Dairy farm Mts. Lazeroms-Ossenblok

For almost 25 years, the family business based in Sprundel has been working every day on its dairy farm and cheese production. Day in, day out, they take care of the 120 dairy cows and are busy in the cheese making area.

From generation to generation, the dairy farm was passed on to the current dairy farm and merged with a cheese factory. Consequently, the company now has two locations in Sprundel. The cheese factory and shop are on the Waterstraat and the dairy cattle are on the Bredasebaan. Every day they take care of and milk 120 cows. Besides that, they breed their own young cattle and there are 20 cows for beef cattle for their own sale.

The cows are fed with a Biga Future 22 m3 Wide Body

The cows are fed every day from the Biga Future 22 m3 Wide Body. The homogeneous mixture keeps the cows healthy, which is reflected in the cow’s milk. Through our breeding farm, we have cows in our stables that give A2A2 milk. This type of milk has the original healthy form of protein with the Proline enzyme, making it much better digested by humans . This allows people with cow’s milk allergy to ‘well’ consume this milk without complaints. It only has advantages for the consumer. It makes the milk a lot healthier.

‘For all small jobs we use the Pitbull Compact Loader X 24-36’

In addition to feeding the cows every day, you need to muck out the cubicles, muck out the calves and much more. The Pitbull Compact Loader’s multifunctionality makes it easy to do these small jobs.

‘We choose Peeters Group for its excellent service and price/quality ratio’

The Peeters Group machines make the work of the Mts. Lazeroms- Ossenblok dairy farm a lot easier. Thanks to the wide range offered by Peeters Group, there is always a solution that suits the farmer. This is the only way to get the most out of the business.


Uncertain future for dairy farming

Because of the political choices, the future of the Lazeroms- Ossenblok dairy farm is very uncertain. They feel that politics severely limits world food production. As a result, they have big questions. However, the company continues to innovate. For example, they not only have a shop, but also self-service vending machines that are available to customers 24/7.