Visiting excavation works at “the new Nobelaer” in Etten-Leur

The Huijbregts contracting company is the proud owner of the new Peecon dumper. Driver Lars uses the dumper for heavy fieldwork and speedy transport.

Lars drives in and out with a huge tractor towing a new Peecon dumper. Having had good experiences with a Cargo triple-axle with a hook lift system made the choice for a new Cargo easy for the Huijbregts contracting company. “Technically, these dumpers are among the most robust tippers on the market. This means that heavy earthworks can be transported very quickly,” says Lars.

Assembled fully customised

The ground dumpers are produced in Etten-Leur and are built with sourced parts from the well-known A brands such as BPW, Hardox and Wabco. It is also possible to equip the trucks with a Tridec axle suspension and Mobil elektronik steering system, like this truck at Huijbregts. The driver consequently gets to experience a trailer that can be towed effortlessly and that handles well, even when fully loaded with 25 metric tons of soil.

Subject to the approval of the local authorities, the ground dumpers are delivered with the maximum braking capacity and weight allowance. This means that the Peecon dumper can be driven safely on public roads.

Aesthetic and robust, the Cargo lives up to its expectations: you can use it to do all the work!


New version of the Cargo Dumper

The latest Cargo ground dumpers have undergone a metamorphosis, not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of technical improvements and modifications. There are also a number of XL models available for an even greater load capacity.

Thanks to these improvements, the Cargo dumpers can transport increasingly more loads! Visit the page to view all specifications of the latest Peecon dumpers.